Pir Pasha Husaini Inamdar is one of the topmost Muslim activists of the country whose contribution to the empowerment of Muslims has been outstanding. Born in a poor family, passing his early life in travails of highest degree, he is presently counted among the most productive, most vocal and most respected Muslim educationists of the country. His contributions however are much greater with a kind of versatility which is rarely visible: Promoter and Builder, Banker, Agronomist, Educationist, Social Worker, Legal Luminary, Medical Visionary and above all a thinking Philanthropist who knows where to spend. He may very well be described as one of the giants of Muslim intelligentsia whose work on the front of empowerment of Muslims has perhaps been more revolutionary than others, at least in practical terms. He has been particularly active on the educational, social and legal front. He is visible when he is on the field as well as when he is off the field. And wherever he goes, he generates hope. He is not one of those who are plagued with a perpetual inferiority complex and hopelessness. Thinking positively, he thinks Muslims in India have a great future, the only condition being that they must always have an eye on the destination.

Describing his role, a website says:

“If you refuse to drink from the fountain of knowledge, you’ll die of thirst in the desert of ignorance!”

PA Inamdar’s thirst has been slaked not simply because he drank deeply from the fountain, but has chosen to create many such fountains for others to drink from! With a never-say-die spirit from which stems deep rooted spirituality where he feels ordained to be the messiah of positivity, Inamdar has risen from the depths of indescribable poverty to attain the pinnacle of success. He then decided to leave his varied business interests in the able hands of his three sons and concentrate on bringing his knowledge, business acumen, and contacts to help educate the poor and needy, especially the girl child regardless of caste creed community or colour….

“He sincerely believes that he has been fortunate to see the era of untold success in what he calls the best place in the world to be, India, in the last sixty years and is of the firm opinion that unless you build on the foundations of family, brick by brick and give back to society as much as possible, true peace of mind and happiness cannot be achieved.

“Up before the crack of dawn, he packs in a day what would tire most in a week, yet the smile is genuine and the caring touch radiates warmth. His amazing portfolio of activities reflects the drive and initiative of the man and the platitudes, achievements and awards which bedeck his office are testimony to his passion for positivity and nurtured growth formulae for his fellow beings.

As he simply puts it, “Kisi extraordinary cheez ko achieve karne ke liye, extraordinary steps lene padte hain!” Perhaps the famous Urdu couplet, “ Manzilein unhi ko milti hain jinke sapno mein jaan hoti hai…Pankh se kuchh nahi hota…hauslon se udaan hoti hai…” best describes a human being called P A Inamdar.”

1. Early Life and Education

He was born on the 28th of December, 1945 in the family of Abdul Razzak S. Inamdar and Taherunnissa Inamdar. He was the eldest of a family of 8 brothers and 4 sisters. He completed his matriculation in 1963 from Bijapur (Karnatka) in Marathi medium. He faced a kind of poverty, the like of which is not heard or seen even in a country of poor. Since the age of 12 he did not have any option but to pursue his education “on earn and learn basis”.

He completed his BA (Honors) in Arts from Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

2. Achievements

He is singlehandedly responsible for bringing 60 Muslim Communities in the Official Government list of OBC’s thereby enabling thousands of Muslim youth to take the advantages offered by the government of India to OBC’s in the field of reservation of government employment and educational institutes.

As Chairman of Muslim Co-op Bank, Pune, he has been instrumental in increasing the deposits of the Bank from Rs 6 Crores to Rs 400 Crores .He has also added 20 branches to the Muslim Co-op Bank, Pune, thereby increasing the branch strength from 4 branches to 24 branches.

His innovative housing, finance and educational schemes have resulted in at least one youth in every Muslim family in Pune city being benefited either educationally, employment wise or from the housing angle, due to his efforts. He is thus credited with not only changing the face of the Muslim Community in Pune, but also changing the thinking process of the Muslim Community.

He is responsible for the transformation of “Azam Campus”, Pune, from a barren stretch of 23 acres of land running 2 primary and 2 high schools into a beehive of educational activity where today, 32 educational institutions including 9 Professional Colleges exist.

Just to name a few of them.

  • M.A. Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences and Research Centre
  • Allana Institute of Management Sciences
  • Allana College of Pharmacy
  • Allana College of Architecture
  • Z.V. M. Unani Medical College and Hospital
  • M.A. Rangoonwala College of Physiotherapy and Research
  • New Law Academy
  • M.A.Rangoonwala Institute of Hotel Management & Research
  • HGM Azam College of Education (B.Ed and M.Ed)
  • Abeda Inamdar Senior College of Arts Science and Commerce
  • PAI International Learning Solutions

Once again in the field of education, because of his initiative and support hundreds of schools, high schools and colleges have been established all over India by various Societies and Trusts.

He is tirelessly working to import knowledge of Information Technology to poor, needy & deserving students, at Azam Campus For this he is supporting many Educational Institutions in Pune city and elsewhere. By 2012 he desires to completely bring E-Teaching, E-Learning & E-Administration at Azam Campus.

He has taken it upon himself to modernize Madrassa education, and due to his involvement in this sector; the conditions of Madrassa education in India have seen a sea change with subjects like computers and English language and Mathematics being introduced here too. He has also been working on and has achieved some success in changing the attitude of the teachers in Madrassa education and Imams of Mosques by providing educational medical and financial support.

The true spirit of Mr. Inamdar is visible only upon a visit to any one Institution with which he is connected. Be it Azam Campus, or Muslim co-op Bank, the greenery speaks about his commitment to Cleanliness and environmental issues; the finances speak about his financial genius; the merit list and achievements whether of the students or staff, speak about his commitment, dedication and perseverance; the absolute confidence and authority of all the administrative and management staff nurtured by him, speaks volumes about his managerial ability; and the mixed group of students and staff coming from all castes ,creed and religions speak about his secular nature. Institutions controlled by Mr. Inamdar are what Mr. Inamdar is: Clean, Green, Progressive and Giving with bias towards none and Charity towards all.

He has been appointed by Government of India on the Planning Commission’s working group on higher education for the twelfth five year plan period 2012–2017. He is also a member of the high powered National Monitoring Committee for Minorities Education.

Mr. P.A Inamdar has been appointed by Government of India on the Planning Commission’s working group on higher education for the twelfth five year plan period 2012–2017. More recently he has been appointed on the ‘National Monitoring Committee for Minorities Education’, constituted by The Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India. The committee was reconstituted recently and Inamdar’s appointment is for a period of three years.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India had formed a committee of senior members titled National Monitoring Committee for Minorities Education, and it has now, vide an order №6–4 /2010- MC (Pt) reconstituted this important panel.

One of the basic tenets of this committee is to ensure that all schemes are implemented thoroughly and lacunae if any is corrected and amendments to its charter suggested from time to time should they be required.

P A Inamdar is on this elite board which includes among others all the education ministers/secretaries of eight states, Lok Sabha MP’s, Rajya Sabha nominees, and eminent citizens pan India from all walks of life.

3. Professional Resume

  • Promoter & Builder
  • Banker
  • Agronomist
  • Educationist
  • Social Worker
  • Legal Luminary
  • Medical Visionary

3.1 Present Positions held relating to the profession of Building and Construction

  • President, Ahura Builders, Pune
  • Chairman, Tain Constructions, Pune
  • Managing Director, Brad Berry Hotel, India
  • Managing Director, Brad Berry Hotel, U.K.
  • Managing Partner, Ahura Technologies, Pune
  • Partner, Tain Technologies, Romania
  • Past President, Promoters & Builders Association, Pune
  • Vice-President, Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry

3.2 Present Positions held relating to Banking

  • Chairman, The Muslim Co-operative Bank Ltd., Pune
  • Convener, Western Zone, Central Panel, Assistance Education Programme in India, Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah

3.3 Present Positions held related to the field of Education

  • President, Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society, Pune
  • President, Maharashtra Medical Education & Research Centre, Pune
  • President, P.A. Inamdar Education Trust
  • President, The Federation of Linguistic & Religious Minorities Education Institutions, Mumbai President, Everest Education Trust
  • Chairman, Crescent India Medical Education Trust, Pune
  • Chairman, Pune Oriental Education Trust
  • Vice-President, Confederation of Minority Education Institutes of India
  • Secretary, Golden Jubilee Education Trust
  • Trustee, Haji Gulam Mohd Azam Education Trust
  • Member, National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, GOI, New Delhi
  • Member, Management Council, Hamdard University, New Delhi, A Govt. of India Trust
  • Member, Management Council, Aligarh Muslim University
  • Member, Managing Committee, Ce-Cap Education Trust
  • Member court (Senate) Jamia Milia Islamia Central University New Delhi
  • Ex.Member, Pharmacy Council of India
  • Member, Planning Commission of India on Higher Education New Delhi

3.4 Positions Held Relating to Social Work:

  • Executive Vice-President, Maulana Azad Foundation, New Delhi
  • Ex. Member, Civil Society Advocacy Committee for Poliomyelitis Eradication, Jamia, Hamdard Deemed University, New Delhi
  • Trustee, Yateemkhana & Madarsa Anjuman Khairul Islam, Mumbai
  • Trustee, Tayabia Orphanage, Pune
  • Member. Advisory Group, Centre for Equity & Social Justice, YASHADA, Pune
  • Ex Member, Maharashtra State Minorities Commission, Mumbai

3.5 Positions Held Relating to Legal Work

Mr. Inamdar despite having no qualified legal background in Law is recognized as an absolute authority in the following legal areas: He has been consulted by Head’s of Various Institutions, Leaders of Various Communities, such as Christians, Parsis, Sikhs, Jains, Malyalies, Gujaratis, Sindhis, Punjabis, Politicians, Bureaucrats, and the Common folk, at an all India level.

  • Laws relating to the establishment and administration of Educational Institutes
  • Laws in respect of rights of religious and linguistic Minorities in respect of establishing and administering educational institutions
  • Laws pertaining to the rights of the socially and educationally backward classes (OBC’s)
  • Laws concerned with Co-operative Banking and Co-op Societies Act
  • Laws relating to the Construction and Building Industry
  • Land revenue code
  • Urban land ceiling and regulation Act
  • Town Planning Act
  • Income Tax Act
  • Labour Laws
  • Law on Gratuity
  • Law on GPF
  • Different laws on service conditions of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff
  • Tenancy Laws
  • Land acquisition Act

4. Oratory

An orator par excellence, Mr. Inamdar has a unique oratorical style comparable to none. He has delivered lectures and speeches not only across the length and breadth of India but globally as well. He has spoken as the Keynote speaker, Chairman and Presiding Officer at many a national and international level Seminar, workshop and conference. He is as comfortable giving a speech in his native Kannada as he is in delivering a lecture in Hindi, Urdu, English or Marathi.

5. Knowledge of Comparative Religion

Mr. Inamdar has a comprehensive knowledge of all religious scriptures and laws and is an accepted authority on discussions on comparative religion with a view to achieving intercommunity harmony. He believes, if God is one, his message to all mankind is ONE.

6. A Philanthropist

A philanthropist by nature he has donated generously for the establishment of educational institutions across India. A never say no to help, he has also helped in the establishment of a number of hospitals, orphanages and charitable trusts in India.

7. A Loving Son

A loving son, he has paid tribute to his parents by establishing educational Institutions in their name. He has established many Schools and High Schools all in the name of his mother “Tahirunnisa Inamdar” at Bijipur, his native place, and many other towns in Maharashtra. He has also established Public Libraries and a Girls Senior College at Bijapur in the name of his father “A R S Inamdar.

8. Cases

He has been involved in a number of cases relating to education.

  • P. A. Inamdar and others Vs State of Maharashtra and others
  • The Inamdar Judgement: Text of the Supreme Court judgement delivered on August 12, 2005 abolishing state quotas in private unaided professional colleges.
  • Supreme Court on Mohammad Salim’s right to grow beard.

9. His views

(Excerpts from blogs, speeches and interviews)

“Ignorance has a cure; it’s called education.”

Best of the best

All of you have seen milk, but look at it beyond milk. I see it as the student community, a vast looming part of our nation. Like milk, these students need to be cared for. Once they are pasteurized, the creamy layer can be removed, and cooked further to make butter from the cream, this buttery layer can be nurtured even further and turned to clarified butter….!

From this butter you can go a step further and make clarified butter or “ghee” and then sweets from that too. My point being simple, from a sea of students one needs to have the ability and capability to select the best and then nurture them further to get the best out of the best, and only by doing this can we secure the future of this great nation called India.

It is this selected lot, by the process of churning and cooking, literally going through the heat,which will ensure that we have the kind of people. with the right intellect to take us forward into the next millennium. For this we need to broaden our outlook and invest for that future. Look at how we take in the students at Azam Campus and then begin to work on them.

They come from poor backgrounds, yet even at the tender age of four have their own email accounts and have even passed out of MSCIT exams. What makes them do that? It is their own innate brilliance which is eked out by our band of teachers who nurture them, and then our campus, which shows the way. We have 2500 computers, all networked and as Mr Vivek Sawant, Founder-Director and MD of the Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited , on a visit to the campus last month, said, “One networked computer has the power of 4!” So you can imagine, the kind of power we have and how we positively, every day, unleash that power to the poor and needy students.

You can call it the milky way of magic if you please!

Understanding India & Indian Muslims

Posted on February 13, 2012

Firstly lets us understand that all Hindus and Muslims in India, to take two major religions in consideration, are not literate. Some are and some are not. Moreover both are not financially well off Hence illiteracy; economic backwardness should be considered as a holistic Indian problem undivided by community. After 26th Jan 1950, rule of law was brought in and implemented. Our leaders had no experience to rule. However a sub-continent, now almost a full continent like India, has achieved the kind of progress which during Mughal, British, Adilshahi, Nizamshahi, Qutubshahi period of a thousand years we could not even have dreamt of.

Facts speak for themselves. For example in 1947 with a population of 330 million, we were importing food grains, today with a 1200 million population, we are exporting them. That sir is no mean progress.

Our girls’ education ratio, prior to 1950 was 1%. Today it is 60%. Let us take any field of activity, the progress shown is mind-boggling. We must admit that in the world, for Muslims, the best country is India. The freedom in every field with a Constitutional guarantee is nowhere to be seen in any other Muslim Country.

Let us also agree that a huge amount of wealth was created in our country during last 20 years. This wealth has also percolated down to the last Indian. There is no dispute that equitable distribution hasn’t been done. However this has always remained a distant dream or a problem for Governments for centuries. I know we have not got enough. However it is equally true about others as well. May be few received more and many received less.

Whether those who received less were themselves responsible is also a question to be pondered on and answers to be ascertained. This will bring new approach to resolving their problems. The overall negative approach spoken about and written on creates an inferiority complex in youth and this further adds to negative thinking which is not healthy for any community.

I agree there is an ill feeling for Muslims globally. However in India this is true in respect of every community. If there is communal feeling, it exists among all the communities and it is a challenge to be resolved by all of us by understanding the Aayats (verses) of the Holy Quran which were revealed during the Meccan period and not to be resolved on the Aayats (verses) of Madinian period.

As an Indian Muslim, I can vouch for the fact that we have equal rights in India in respect of everything, hence if we are lagging behind (which I don’t agree) we should hold ourselves responsible and take remedial steps. Then there will be no scope for any social, educational or economic backwardness.

10. Views on the current status of Muslims in India

Compared with period of pre-Indian constitution (1950) Indian Muslims have done excellent progress in the field of education, finance and social status, especially in Girls education. If we see Indian Muslim are happiest compared to Muslims in other countries of the world. He further feels if Religious, Political, Educational leadership of Muslims removes inferiority complex in young Muslims they will do ten times better job in future.

11. Future Plans and Ambitions

Despite having all requirements to climb in politics, he does not have any political ambition. He is convinced that backlog if any in the field of education, finance and social field of Muslims can be filled in next ten years if Muslim children are trained from the age of five are trained with computers , internet and other related latest technology. He further feels imparting education in present time through black board, chalk, pen, pencil, note book and printed material is a crime, which will lead Muslim children nowhere. Based on this thinking he has trained 7000 poor, needy and deserving Muslim students from the age of 6 onward in computer literacy. They have passed MS-CIT state Government Exam and spoken English by providing 3000 computers, 50 computer labs all connected with high speed internet facility with support of spoken English teacher so far 28000 Urdu medium poor students are being imparted excellent computer and spoken English training. He strongly believes that the excellence in education is possible if Muslim girls are given highest level of education. He is already willing to support the cause of education and to guide and support promotion of education, provided honest sincere persons lead such institutions.

12. Messages to Youngsters

  • Remember that for every human being there are 365 in a year,and 24 hours in a day. Then why is it that some become Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Azim Premjee and Bill Gates and others are peons, clerks, and unemployed. If anyone desires to achieve extraordinary success in life he has to put in extraordinary efforts. It is law of nature that you will reap what you sow​
  • Ordinary approach, ordinary result, extra ordinary effort extraordinary result.
  • In India everybody has equal opportunity to do whatever one wants, without any legal hurdle.
  • 99% of successful people in India have come up from humble beginning .
  • Youngsters! Remember you can do it if you decide to do it.

13. Personal Life


Mrs. Abeda P. Inamdar

Wife– Mrs. Abeda P. Inamdar( M.Com.)

Websitewww.mcesociety.org / www.dmipune.org

Email– vicepresident@azamcampus.org

She has keen interest in Education, particularly Women’s Education. For this reason she has donated a huge amount for establishing Abeda Inamdar Junior College for Girls and Abeda Inamdar Senior College for Girls at Pune , where at present 10,000 girls are taking education in Arts, Science, Commerce and Computer faculty.

Member Committee on Girls Education: National Commission for Minority Educational Institution, New Delhi.

Senate Member– Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded

Ex Senate Member of University of Pune.

Managing Trustee & Past President — Poona Women’s Council

Vice President– University Women’s Association.

President– Deccan Muslim Institute & Research Center, Pune

Vice President– Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society, Pune.

Vice President– P.A. Inamdar Education Trust, Pune

Vice President– Maharashtra Medical Education & Research Center, Pune

Trustee– Crescent India Medical Education Trust, Pune

Trustee– Poona Oriental Education Trust

Mrs. Inamdar was the Hon. Gen. Secretary for National Council of Women in India from 1999–2001 and represented India at Helsinki, Finland.

Recently Government of Maharashtra has awarded her ‘Savitribai Phule’ Award for her services in the field of Women’s education.

Three Sons Namely

1) Tanveer P. Inamdar Age- 42 Years ( M.E. Civil Edimbouragha(UK),(MBA Glassgow) University (UK) successful Promoter & Builder at Pune. Website: www.tain-con.com

2) Dr. Parvez P. Inamdar Age-38 years M.S. (Orthopedics) has established Inamdar, Multispecialty Hospital at Pune. Website: www.inamdarhospital.com

3) Iftekhar P. Inamdar Age-34 years LLM(Bombay) successful Promoter & Builder.

Website: www.ahurabuilders.com

Mr. Inamdar has one granddaughter & four grandsons.

14. Contact

Website: www.painamdar.in

Email Id: president@azamcampus.org