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Dr Javed Jamil calls upon Muslims to be proactive, not reactive in their fight for justice

Reference : WorldMuslimPedia

Dr Javed Jamil calls upon Muslims to be proactive, not reactive in their fight for justice

By M. Afzal


Renowned thinker, writer and analyst, Dr Javed Jamil has called upon Muslims to be proactive, not reactive in fighting for justice, especially against the discriminative role of the Government and administration. He was delivering a talk on “State. Judiciary and Muslims” at Jamaat-Islami Hind Headquarters, New Delhi on Saturday.


He started his talk by quoting the Qur’anic verse, which calls for justice even if it demands testimony against one’s self, parents or relatives. He said that “justice cannot be expected to rule a world where forces of economics write the book of the law and the lobbies, state as well as non-state, have become too powerful to allow anything against their interests.”


He said that the written law is lame and whatever of it remains is killed by the executive machinery and legal system.He said that “while both the contending parties of lawyers are speaking lies, the judge is expected to brin g truth out of these lies.” He lambasted the international legal system saying that the “Law had become a massive industry” and “the prisons have become big hotels where criminals are fed and entertained for years with the money of the common people.”


Dr. Jamil lamented that Indian State and Legal machinery is becoming increasingly discriminatory towards Muslims. He said that “in a legal system where money plays an important role, poor Muslims cannot be expected to fight their cases effectively”. He went on to argue that




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It can now be said with certainty that Muslims, both criminals and falsely accused, are more likely to be arrested, more likely to charged, more likely to be proved guilty, more likely to be sentenced to death and more likely to be executed. This points not only to the discrimination prevailing in the legal machinery, Police being the major culprit, but also to the inability of Muslims, due to their lower socioeconomic conditions to fight the costly legal battles. Of course, when politics gets involved, their chances of avoiding punishment become considerably low. The government finds it harder to accept the mercy appeals of Muslim convicts because the media had already done its job in building mass opinion in favour of their hanging. “

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He told that according to recent reports, Muslim form about 20 pc of the inmates of prisoners,which is more than the official population of Muslims in the country. Most of these inmates are petty criminals and languish in jails because they were not able to bribe the policemen and could not hire good lawyers. “This combined with feelings of aversions in Police department towards Muslims is sure to keep them in prisons longer than required.”


He said that recent Hashimpura verdicts and the report on Bhagapur riots have proved the discriminatory nature of State and Judiciary. The state machinery tries to save the culprits whenever the victims happen to be Muslims, and Judiciary has no independent method of finding the truth. Judges too are being increasing reconditioned by the blasting media coverage to think in a particular way.  He went on to say that


“Thanks to the various systems put in place by successive governments, including that of reservations of various kinds, Muslims are neither an adequate part of governance and administration nor of justice and execution. And when the biases in minds are becoming the order of the day, Muslims will of course have the higher representation in all the categories of oppression, suppression, victimisation and exploitation.”


He explained how violence is being categorised at the national as well as international level to further vested interests. “At the international level, wars and civil wars at the behest of America and its allies are justified and terrorism alone is condemned, and at the national level, violence in communal riots and the terrorist attacks by Hindus are kept hidden while the so-called Jihadi Terrorism is debated day and night.


He told that out of 1303 cases of death sentences awarded by courts, only 3 have been executed, all being Muslims.  He argued that “we are not against the hanging of Muslim criminals but if only Muslims will be hanged we will certainly raise questions.”




“Are You Hindu First or Indian First?”

I find the very question of “what you are first” absurd.

Can you ask anybody: Are you a human first or Indian first?  Are you honest first or Indian first? Or a doctor first or Indian first? Are you Delhite first or Indian first?


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Dr Jamil said that the situation can be corrected only if Muslims make extraordinary efforts to have anenhanced participation in Administrative machinery, Judiciary, Media and Politics. He suggested that Muslim national organisations should form a Public Interest Litigation Cell and take this route to influence the government policies. He also called upon Muslims to initiate proactive campaigns against “commercialisation of human weaknesses” taking all the religions along.


In reply to a question he argued that “we should not speak against Hindu religion, and must learn to differentiate between religion and communalism.” He said that “no religion preached immorality, hatred and violence, and all these come through communalism, which is the product of political fundamentalism, not religious fundamentalism.” He called upon all the religious communities to unite against “the vices of the New World Order perpetrated by global forces.”



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Corporates overrule Hindutva Government in Pornographic Row

Let BJP Government act according to its religious rather than corporate instincts! Let it prove that it truly stands for Indian culture, for the honour of men, women and children and for family values. Simply banning Child pornography is a ploy the merchants of Sex use when faced with opposition to minimise the damage. Pornography involving children may increase paedophilia but pornography as a whole is even more dangerous. Let the Government not fall in its trap and ban all forms of pornography without delay. Let the people come on roads to force the Government to take the necessary steps.


forms of
need Zero
not just a
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All forms of violence need Zero 

Dr Javed Jamil

I have no objection if all Muslim criminals are brought to justice. This will reduce the crime rates in Muslim society. But I also will love the crime rate reduced in Hindu society. Let the Indian System show that it has Zero Tolerance for all forms of violence including all forms of terrorism. Let some Hindu Terrorists, Hindu perpetrators and Hindu conspirators of riots be punished before another Yaqub or Afzal is sent to gallows.


Mohammed A. Al-Abdulhay


The Porn!

Stop The Porn!

By Ali Javed

College students and young employees display their new found pride in supporting homosexuality and pornography as if they are natural part of human behaviour. With the banning of porn sites in India, Social networks were full with articles and personal opinions until the government changed its stance and made the porn sites live again, keeping only the websites hosting child pornography shutdown. Most of my colleagues in my college were celebrating the restart of these websites as if our country suddenly turned into true democracy, where only people’s opinions matter.


Yes to Religion, No to Communalism!



The West, MidEast, and Oil: A Conspiracy Theory?

By Ian Sinclair