Mohammad Afzal

IITians in India enjoy a privileged status. They are widely regarded as the cream of Indian intellectual class, particularly among the engineers and technocrats. Born on 25th January, 1987, the young Mohammad Afzal has already achieved remarkable successes in his career. He did his B. Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from the Indian Institute of Technology, one of the top institutes of the country and then went on to do Masters (MSc) in Sound and Vision. Currently, he is Vibration Engineer at Wartsila, Finland.

Apart from excellence in education and work, he is a devoutly Islamic person with extraordinary concern for the masses, especially deprived Muslims. His approach can be gauged from the messages given at the end of this article, which include

(i) Keeping a distance from the forces who try to divide the people on the basis of religion, national or secular ground,

(ii) giving a high passive resistance to anti-Islamic and anti-national forces with emphasis on Planned response and

(iii) thinking a while on daily or monthly basis where this world is going and what are the wrong happening around us and how we can contribute for a small change in the society and environment to make this world better living place, in consultation of elders and friends.


1 Achievements and Nature of Current Assignment

2 His Views on Current Issues

2.1 About the Socioeconomic Empowerment of Muslims

2.2 Messages to Young Muslims

3 Contact

1. Achievements and Nature of Current Assignment

Desired employment PhD in Structural damping of compressor blades.

Work experience

Dates July 2009 — till date

Position held Vibration Engineer @ Wartsila Finland Oy (

Main activities and responsibilities


Vibration & acoustic measurement on large four stroke diesel engine and FEA calculation.

Vibration measurement involves modal testing, ODS analysis, sweeping and torsion vibration measurement.

FEA calculations are primarily used for natural frequencies calculation of structure.

Acoustic measurement involves sound intensity and pressure measurement.

I. Flexible mounting system (October 2008 — Jan 2010): Aim of the project was to update the rubber damper used to isolate the electrical components on all different type of engines and create a flexible mounting system design guidelines. Reason for this project was short life time of isolator in the field, sometimes high vibration level measured on electrical components and many different types (20–25 types) of rubber damper used at Wärtsilä. During the project, effect of stiff cables mounted in the side of electrical box and affect of mounting position of isolator was also studied.

At the end of project, number of Isolator was reduced to 5–6 type with improved lifetime. New solution is working quite well on engine. Project was appreciated by Wartsila. I also presented one paper in ICSV17 held in Cairo, Egypt (18–22 July, 2010) on the same topic.

II. Gas pipe Vibration (November 2009- June 2010): Project started due the failure of bolt connection of gas feed pipe mounted on top of engine using vertical support. Investigation using ODS & Modal testing reveals that transversal mode of gas feed pipe system is low (~80 Hz).FEA calculation was used to design the most appropriate transversal support to increase the transversal mode frequency. At the end of project, some transversal support was added in addition to vertical support to solve the problem in all Gas engine.

III. Vibration level guideline (June 2010- Dec 2011): Aim of this project was to create the Wartsila standard measurement points on engine and update the old system. It also involves the vibration measurement of 100 engines to create a database for the use in future and a guideline in line with international Standard.

IV. Gear vibration monitoring (June 2011- till date): With increasing demand from customer to provide the bearing and gear vibration measurement date, Wartsila decided to start this project. Project started with theoretical studies about gear & bearing vibration (Completed). Now I am involved in the development of measurement techniques.

2. His Views on Current Issues

2.1 About the socioeconomic empowerment of Muslims

– Establishment of committee who work with government for empowerment of Muslims. And make sure Muslims are treated as equal citizen at all level.

– Establishment of committee for the building of trade and education relationship with Muslim countries around the world. This will only focus on trade and education peculiar to Muslim. It could be independent organization or under the Indian government. It can derive heavy investment in education and trade sector in India. This will give additional job opportunity to Muslims in India.

– Building successful institution for educating Muslim children and youth. There is immense need to introduce Islamic education in current education system and through away the menace of secular education. Without education it is hard to think about empowerment.

– Creating awareness among Muslim about benefit of education which is not limited to engineering and Medical but it includes other field like finance, political, media, law etc. Focus should not be to get education but to get best possible education.

– NGO those who are working for empowerment of Muslims should focus to give quality education to the poor Muslim. Education also includes vocational training and skill development of youth.

– Producing real Ulama who can guide the Muslim to true Islam in future. It needs brilliant and financial independent student to be sent in Madarsa like Deoband or Nadwatul ulamaye hind.

2.2 Messages to young Muslims

– Try to make ourselves a human being form merely a living being. This world needs people with high moral character. Save yourself from moral bankruptcy.

– Try to get best possible education first. At some point if you have to choose between money and better education then always go for better education if you think this can bring a better benefit to society.

– Try to be honest, truthful, focused and dedicated towards your goal.

– Keep a distance from the forces who try to divide the people on the basis of religion, national or secular ground. It is always fruitful to find a common platform to work together rather diving ourselves on minor issues.

– Give a high passive resistance to anti-Islamic and anti-national forces. Emotion and reaction isn’t going to solve our problem. Planned response is always better than quick reaction.

– Last but not the least just think a while on daily or monthly basis where this world is going and what are the wrong happening around me and how I can contribute for a small change in the society and environment to make this world better living place. However, it should be done carefully with consultation of elders and friends.

3. Contact

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