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S Zafarulla Khan

S Zafarulla Khan

S Zafarulla Khan

Savarline Road Shimoga , shimoga ,Karnataka

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State Wakf Property Protection Committee

1st Floor, Katrina Complex, Savarline Road Shimoga Karnataka India ,shimoga ,karnataka

S Zafarulla Khan


About State Wakf Property Protection Committee – Karnataka. [SWPPC]

The State Wakf Property Protection Committee having its Registration in Shimoga, is a Non Government Organization NGO duly Registered under Government of Karnataka Society Registration Act 1960, having the mandate by its constitution to work for the Protection, Improvement, Maintenance and development of the Waqf Properties and usage of its Income to develop for educational, Social and General Well being of the Indian Muslims.

Likewise various leading NGO’s like All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, All India Milli council, Karnataka Wakf Protection Joint Action Committee & Save Auqaf Movement  and several Important NGO’s have been raising the Waqf Issues from Time to Time.

Indian Muslims have been raising the issues relating to Mis-Management and encroachment of Waqf properties by unscrupulous persons, Central & State Government other authorities and body cooperates etc.

India’s Muslims are not doing well comparing other religious communities. Sachar Committee exposed it un doubtedly. The Sachar Committee has also made serious observation about the rampant mis-Management of Waqf Properties which have tremendous opportunities of being developed for education, social and welfare of the Muslims.

Indian Muslims Wakf Board are holding a Good Number of properties First Indian Army and Second Indian Railways and Muslims Wakf Board Stand THIRD, IN INDIA, Still Muslims are poor, additional Their Literacy Level is also very Poor.

We hear daily how Wakf Board’s properties are encroached by a number of elements, and Mis-Management of Wakf Institution by not Maintaining Proper books of Accounts, due to political and other reasons, no one is coming forward to bring back the properties to the Wakf Board and its Income for the benefit of Muslims. Many of the Muslims Comments that why we should be involved in this issue, this is very dangerous task to handle, my brother No, At least we have to Get up Now to save Auqaf Income for our Community, there is no danger until we gather to fight for our Right given in Indian Law towards our Wakf Properties.

Therefore Muslims of Shimoga have Formed a NGO State Wakf Property Protection Committee under which decided to Launch a Movement for restoration, protection, maintenance, Watching the Activities and working  of different Wakf Committees of Wakf Institutions and development of Wakf properties, in association with other Muslim Organization, Fairoz, President, Akbar Sharief Honory President, S. Zafarulla Khan General Secretary, and Executive Board Members of SWPPC is hereby authorized to constitute a committee as a wing of SWPPC, to build up Political Pressure, Public Opinion, Processions, dharnas to free the Waqf Properties from the clutched of the Un-Authorized person and to use the Same for development of the Muslims under this NGO.


In the National Seminar of India regarding Safeguard of Auqaf held in Bangalore in the year 2015, attended the ministers, Directors, and Chairman’s of the different State Wakf Board, in which 18 Point programme is Unanimously Passed by the House to save the Wakf and its Income, for which our NGO is supporting to take Practical Actions in this regards, for which are continuously following with respective Ministers of India, the 18 points are as follows:

1. Forming a National Level NGO ( Non government Organization ) in India to create the awareness  towards how to develop , Maintain etc, of Wakf properties under Wakf Act’s,   and this NGO shall work as per the Wakf Act 1995 and all amendment acts and also to involve to give the advices and representation for Wakf Properties.

2. Wakf Properties and their Institutions are framed or formed for the betterment of the Muslims communities, to save these Wakf properties and income is a responsibility of each and every Muslims of this country.

3. As per Supreme Court Order” Once Wakf is always a Wakf” therefore whatever be the Wakf properties is an Wakf property No one could encroach or acquire the Land and its income illegally, and they could not claim their Rights on Any Wakf Properties.

4. All Mutawalli are the Managers of the Wakf Institutional Properties, they are partly or wholly responsible before the Muslims Community and answerable to Allah.

5. Any of the Mutawalli Shall not claims his ancestor Rights on Wakf Properties, All mutawalli’s shall be appointed by the Wakf Board Only.

6. It is a Responsibility of all Muslims to take part in the work of the Survey and identification of Wakf property in their own areas or else.

7. If any of the Tenant or person or organization have or had acquire the property illegally or not paying the tenant as per the market rate or value or equal to the rate of surrounding areas where the property is situated is to be declare under CRIME, and shall book a case under Criminal Act, and the public shall take part to force them to vacant the Wakf properties.

8. Wakf board is formed to manage and maintain the Wakf property Government shall keep Wakf board power constant.

9. All the Expenditure shall maintained by the Government towards Board to take necessary and actionable decisions in time.

10. All the State Government should take in to consideration to form WAKF TASK FORCE to remove encroacher from the Wakf Properties.

11. Wakf board shall take necessary action to create all Wakf properties in Digital data, and they   should keep it ready any time to produce before the Muslims Community.

12.  All Wakf Institutions shall make Compulsory expenditure towards the Muslims Community Educations, Muslim welfare and general help for the poor from the Excess Income earned from Wakf properties.


13. All the State Government shall take action to form Wakf Tribunals within 6 Months to solve the Wakf Cases in fast track which helps to Wakf Board.

14. All the State Wakf boards are required to appoint any Retired High court Muslim Judge under his supervision a council have be established for the settlement of Wakf cases out of the Court.

15.  To out the places of Qabrasthan vacant places, in which no activity is carried on, to take the decision from Islamic Mufti’s in Islamic shariath to utilize the UN use land of Qabrasthan.

16. Get help from NAWADCO by investing the wakf institution income to get growth of Wakf income.

17. Whatever the Hospital are established on the Wakf land or Properties, those Hospital management is required to do the free treatments to the poor families.

18. The Said NGO is will be supervising under the guidance of Sri Dr. K.Rehman Khan, Bangalore.

Likewise we the Members of State Wakf Property Protection Committee® requesting all the interested Persons of Muslims of Shimoga to get involve in our activity of Save the Wakf Property of Karnataka by taking below steps:

1. List out Statewide Wakf Properties and inform the Social Media.

2. List out the Activities who fight to save the Wakf Properties.

3. Start a network of Indian Wakf Boards throughout India.

4. Join our committee of wakf Property Protectors consisting of Lawyers, Educationists, Social Activists, etc.

Our NGO will take various steps to protect wakf properties from encroachment and un authorized occupation. NGO gives the administrative and legal support to the wakf institutions that carry out their developmental and socio welfare activities.

Our NGO also engages Advocates to help the Wakf Institutions in protecting and safeguarding their properties. The WAKF BOARD/ DISTRICT WAKF BOARD etc. is a party in cases before the Wakf Tribunal, Civil Courts, High Court & Supreme Court of India and thus defend the interest of the Awkaf.