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Terrorism, Appeasement and Loyalty: Rejoinder to Former IB Official

Reference : Dr Javed Jamil

Terrorism, Appeasement and Loyalty: Rejoinder to Former IB Official

Several months back I had an exchange of interesting dialogue with Mr D C Nath, Former IB Director, which can be seen at the following link:

Yesterday, Mr D C Nath sent me another Email, which is given below after my reply to him. His letter and my reply are worth reading and will of interest to those who want to understand the nature of the propaganda against Muslims, which is being unleashed in India.




ear Mr Nath

After reading your email today, I have only a marginal satisfaction that you are at least now trying to understand things. Otherwise, it appears that you are still knowingly or unknowingly neglecting the facts and are deeply immersed in the myths created by certain forces in the country and around the world.
Let me first speak a little about ISIS. Let me make it clear that I hate every kind of violence irrespective of who the victims or the culprits are, wherever the place of occurrence, whatever the motivating ideologies and whatever the method adopted, and my condemnation is directly proportional to the magnitude of violence each category belongs to. If we study the violence in last 30-35 years, this is the list of causes according to the magnitude of deaths it caused:


  1. Abortions caused by scalps: more than 1 billion
  2. Murders due to inadequate law.: more than 60 million (West is most prone and Arab countries least)
  3. Wars by America and its allies: more than 2. 5 million (most victims Muslims)
  4. Civil wars supported by West  2-3 lakhs (0.2 m)
  5. Terrorism by LTTE (Tamils) around 1.5 lakhs (0.15 m)
  6. Terrorism by Hindus in India (including Naxalites, Maoists and Ulfa):  400000
  7. Riots in India : 15000 (70 pc Muslims)
  8. Terrorism by al-Qaedah      : 70000
  9. Terrorism by Muslim outfits in India: 1500


(These are only rough estimates.)

I condemn each one in the same numbers as they have killed.


But the media lets us know only about certain categories of violence, which suit their interests. Indian media talks much less about riots than about terrorism and much less about non-Muslim terrorism than Muslim terrorism. I have seen one Indian TV after another presenting horror reports about ISIS but I have yet to see a report on Naxalite terrorism. In India, everybody knows about Kasab, Memon and Guru but hardly anyone knows the names of the killers of Rajiv Gandhi and the Naxalite and Mao leaders. This is despite the fact that ISIS has little to do with India, despite media speculations about its plans.


now it is
(ISIS) is
a US


ISIS is purely a Western creation, which was supplied heavy weaponry and billions of dollars to topple Assad regime of Syria, which was the only anti-Israel regime in the Arab world. When it failed, it was initially used to remove Maliki of Iraq who was coming closer to Iran. Then it became out of control and occupied a large area in Syria and Iraq. Even now, ISIS is only a friendly enemy of America, being its friend in Syria and enemy in Iraq.




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And of course nobody is interested in fighting the violence caused by scalpels and anti-abortion drugs or deaths caused by alcohol or smoking or that caused by AIDS. This is where I say that the fight today is between religion and irreligion and not between different religions. It is the anti-God ideologies spread by West and Communists that have caused biggest havoc in the last century, both in terms of violence as well as chaos in the society. If there appears to be confrontation between religions, it is not difficult to find out that the roots lie in politics of communalism and not in religions.


You talked about my being lynched if I say that Rama was Muhammad’s predecessor. I wrote a full article on the subject which appeared on a popular Muslim website. You can see the link

Did you hear anyone lynching me? Muslim scholars may argue if I am right or not in thinking that Ram was Abraham (especially because there is no final proof available) but they are unanimous in their Islamic view that God’s messengers came to all parts of the world including India, and many think that Ram, Krishna and others might well be among them though none can be sure, as their Indian names are not mentioned in Quran. But the principle remains. Muhammad was the Last not the first messenger of Islam, and Islam is the Arabic word for the religion of God sent to mankind through messengers.

Now about the “Appeasement” issue. There cannot be a bigger travesty of truth and justice than the allegation that Muslims have been and are being appeased by the governments, and that too at the cost of the majority community. There are certain parties that have earned notorious reputation of being anti-Muslim; but the truth is that no political party has cared about the masses in general and Muslim community in particular. All political parties without exception are guilty of criminal ignorance of the needs of the people including Muslims.  The so-called Secular parties have only used Muslims as vote banks, making big promises but taking only some cosmetic steps to keep them glued. The anti-Muslim organisations and parties have labelled even these minor cosmetic changes as “appeasement”, which helps in consolidation of their own vote bank in Hindus. 


The truth is that Muslims are nowhere:
  • Nowhere in state institutions including Parliament, Assemblies and local bodies (much less representation than their population)
  • Hardly a few pc in administration and executive
  • While almost all Hindus have got reservation in education and jobs one way or the other, hardly any Muslim. Almost 50 pc of Hindus have got it through their being SCs or OBCs and the rest have got it through privatisation of institutions, which only they can afford. In privatisation, they have not only secured positions for their children but also have made education big industry. Muslims being poor are hardly in race.
  • They are killed much more in riots than Hindus in a proportion of 2: 1
  • They are discriminated in justice, as they can hardly afford to take advantage of costly legal system, and police is heavily tilted against them. If sentenced to death, in recent years, they have become he only ones to be actually executed. Almost all the Hindus have succeeded in avoiding the gallows.
  • Day and night, Muslims are asked to prove their loyalty to the nations. Please read my article, “Are you Hindu first or Indian first?” 



“Are You Hindu First or Indian First?”

I find the very question of “what you are first” absurd.

Can you ask anybody: Are you a human first or Indian first?  Are you honest first or Indian first? Or a doctor first or Indian first? Are you Delhite first or Indian first?




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How loyal Hindus are to the nation needs no explanation if the profiles of Indian politicians and industrialists are examined, with almost all of them plunging the country in one or the other problem. The truth is that if anyone can claim to be more loyal to the country than others, it is Indian Muslims. A large part of the present day Hindus came from Pakistan, which proves that they were more loyal to their religious identity than their native place. Muslims who thought similarly migrated to Pakistan. For Indian Hindus, it was simply no choice but to remain in India, as they were going to reap all the advantage. The only ones who had the choice and yet they chose to remain glued to their native land were Muslim fathers of the current Indian Muslims.




If giving certain rights to Muslims about their own religious and cultural traditions means “appeasement”, there cannot be a crueller joke than this, as it is their internal matter, and has nothing to do with Muslims. And these rights are certainly nowhere than the rights given to Hindus in their cultural matters. The truth is that they being in the majority, it is their opinion which shapes Indian policies. Muslims are in no position to influence, and whatever they can they have been unable to do because of their minority complex.
I still believe and will continue to believe that Islam and Hinduism will have to work together not only to make the country peaceful and prosperous but to thwart the march of Westernism based on negation of God, negation of religious morality and commercialisation of every human instinct and use of power for hegemony.

Islam being the Final Version of God’s religion will continue to attract people all over the world, whether anybody likes it or not.

Dr. Javed Jamil

·         Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, “Quranic Paradigms of Sciences & Society” (First Vol: Health), “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” and “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map”. Other works include “The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism”, “The Essence of the Divine Verses”, “The Killer Sex”, “Islam means Peace” and “Rediscovering the Universe”. Read more about him at Facebook page: He can be contacted at or 91-8130340339.

Letter by Mr Nath
Dear Dr. Jamil,
Subject: We Are On The Same Boat On The Basics, Yet. A Rebuttal
We are sorry for the delayed reply to your mail response of August 4, 2015, to Fracois Gautier-based account sent out on August, 2015,
As we read your mail, it seems you have over-simplified many issues. It is true religion and nationality are different. But, it will be incorrect to say that today the fight is between religion and irreligion. It is rather over simplification that Lord Rama was, in the way you have explained, a predecessor of Prophet Mahammad. (You will be butchered by your religious compatriots if you make this satatement in the public).
Our intention in responding to your mail is to primarily tell you how there seem to be many things outside your universe of discourse or you have chosen to ignore them. In any case, we do not want to rebut your mail on all the issues.
Coming to bare facts and leaving aside all the frills, we find both of us are on the same boat on the basics. The mail you have referred to was a projection by known India-based French scholar, Francois Gautier, who would or might be known to you as well.
Let us assure you we do not indulge into any hate campaign at all against any one whatsoever. We do not, however, also fight shy to firmly stand by the truth and truth alone. By and large, we have been pointing out how badly the governments, both in the past and in the present also, are playing vote-bank politics by currying favour with the supposedly less-privileged communities or in government terminology, the so-called minority communities. And, that is being done non-challantly at the cost of the really deprived large chunk of members of the number-wise majority community (till now at least), including tribals and other OBCs.
Some in the "minority group" like the major sections of Christian or Sikh or Parsee friends honestly feel shy when they are doled out financial benefits along with the Muslim friends, under the cover of the recommendations of the "illegally formed", in violation of Art.15(1) of the Indian Constitution, Sachar Committee, through the mechanism of forming another unconstitutional body, namely, The Ministry of Minority Affairs when a regular constitutional body, namely, the Minority Commission, was already in position.
We have sent out a report, based on facts and facts only, titled, "Minorities Discriminated In India? No, Not at All AND BY No Means." sent to, among others, the Prime Minister of India, on May 26, 2015. A copy of that report, along with its attachments, is attached for your perusal. You may in the same context also like to go through another unique publication, "The Majority Report", authored by two senior police officers, namely, Shri R K Ohri and Shri J P Sharma after deep research on the subject.
Our mail sent on May 26, 2015 may appear to be anti-Muslim. But, as you will, after a reading of the said mail, appreciate, that is actually a charge--sheet against the present supposed to be pro-Hindu NDA government for continuing with the minority appeasement policy, clearly showing bias, if not distinct prejudice, against the-majority community in general and particularly against the poorer sections among them, living in the villages and including tribal Hindus and OBCs.
We learn some substantial sections from them have been or are thereby being forced to leave their mother religion and get themselves converted to either Christianity or Islam for availing of the benefits like scholarships to children showered on the so-called under-privileged minority communities.
In any case, let us assure you that keeping true to the accommodating and assimilative culture of the age-old Indic civilisation, we believe in what the great Indian savant and the "warrior patriot" (as formulated by Romain Rolland) of India, Swami Vivekananda, had said at Chicago on September 22, 1893: "Under the banner of every religion will soon be written, inspite of resistance: Help And Not Fight, Assimmilate And Not Destruction, Harmony And Dissension."
Well, Dr. Jamil, if you will take it in the correct spirit, please advise and preach this amongst your co-religionists. That will go a long way towards what you have aimed for Hindus and Muslims in India live in harmony and cultural affinity. We hope we are not asking for too much. As a matter of fact, that is the minimum one can expect from learned scholars like you, if the world has to be saved against the violent inroads and spreading wings, the ISIS have been making at an unbelievable speed. You would be possibly be aware of the plan of the ISIS to start a war “for the end of the world, triggering from India”. And, the new ISIS map for the areas to be under the ISIS Caliphate includes India.
So, let us think and think together, without any hatred against each other. We, the Hindus and Muslims in India, will survive if India survives.
Yours sincerely,
 D.C. Nath
 (Former Spl. Director, IB)
 (President, Patriots’ Forum)