“Freedom of Choice”: The License to Market Human Weaknesses



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“Freedom of Choice”: The License to Market Human Weaknesses

Reference : Dr Javed Jamil

“Freedom of Choice”: The License to Market Human Weaknesses

So we now have a long list of legal crimes (drinking, smoking, gambling, promiscuity, pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, abortions without any plausible reasons, etc.) , which speaking in terms of their effects on mankind are no less lethal than the illegal crimes like murders and rapes but are no more counted as crimes because the current market-sponsored system has made them legal.

License to
The merchants of vices have developed a clear strategy to globalise the vices. The first step in the strategy is Normalization, the process by which they seek to make a habit or practice look normal and acceptable. They campaign that there is nothing abnormal about it as a sizeable section of the people feels inclined to engage in them and they cannot be denied freedom of choice just because it is disliked by others. They also try to make it appear as natural and congenital. Often the help of medical and social scientists is sought to present its positive effects ignoring the severer negative effects. Institutionalisation is the second step with the emergence of certain organisations campaigning for the freedom in indulging in those vices. Literatures are produced; movements are run on big scales and media are used to further the campaign in a big way. Politicians and activists are directly or indirectly persuaded to accept the demands. Legalisation follows. The argument normally given is that if it was not legalised, it would lead to rise in illegal activities and it would be difficult to manage the resulting complications. It would therefore be prudent to legalise it so that the complications can be kept in control. So we now have a long list of legal crimes (drinking, smoking, gambling, promiscuity, pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, abortions without any plausible reasons, etc.) , which speaking in terms of their effects on mankind are no less lethal than the illegal crimes like murders and rapes but are no more counted as crimes because the current market-sponsored system has made them legal. Once the legal hurdle is removed, commercialisation followed by globalisation gets in full swing. Wealth starts flowing.

This strategy of Normalization, Institutionalisation, Legalisation and Commercialisation was adopted in the case of alcohol, gambling, prostitution and pornography and continues to be the mainstay in the globalisation of homosexuality.  The demoniac march of commercialisation has necessitated that all the vices and perversions must be considered "normal and natural" behaviour and any stigma associated with them should be struck with a fatal blow.

While the markets have prospered with the money flowing from the masses to the corporates, the destruction the “Freedom of Choice” has been causing is too huge to ignore. Still it is being deliberately ignored by all those who are parts of the nexus of the forces of economics and politics. In the process alcohol, gambling and various branches of sex (Prostitution, Pornography, Promiscuity, and Homosexuality) have all become huge businesses involving billions of dollars. And proportionate to the number of dollars human beings are being consumed by the fire these businesses generate.

West can certainly claim that it is the most developed part of the world in terms of scientific and technological advancement, quality of infrastructure within their countries and prosperity and power.   Had these attainments resulted in freedom from violence, within and abroad, righteousness among people with clear distinction between beneficial and harmful practices and attitudes, respect and loyalty to relationships, value of human life and sympathetic behaviour towards smaller nations, West could definitely have also laid its claim to civilization. But ah! Firstly, West’s economic, political and military power was achieved through more wrongful ways than genuine; and secondly, West has also misused these powers with colossal destruction of human lives and peaceful living. The bright stars of the horizon of Westernism have all degenerated into black holes – “Democracy” into Corporatocracy, “Secularism” into negation of religious morality, “freedom” into license to commit evils and “human rights” into defence of criminals and perverts.  Despite its prosperity and power, West has been responsible for:
  • Most of the wars in the last century, most of deaths in those wars, consuming more than 160 million lives
  • Most invasions; including colonisations at a massive scale;
  • Most attacks on countries including attacks on civilians;
  • The only nuclear attacks made on the surface of the earth;
  • Destruction of aborigines in big numbers;
  • Most deaths in Muslim countries including more than 3 million since the beginning of the new century;
  • Deaths of at least 200 million foetuses in last 10 years;
  • Huge number of murders and rapes (one fourth to one half of women having experienced rapes) within their countries;
  • Huge alcohol and gambling related deaths and other societal problems;
  • Rising number of deaths related to AIDS leading to tens of millions of orphans; and
  • Several million suicides (highest in the world).
Western system along with the freedom of choice leading to legal crimes like promiscuity, homosexuality and prostitution has also led to behaviours leading to total disintegration of family system with:
  • Up to 50 pc of abortion rates;
  • Up to 50 pc children born out of wedlock;
  • At least 30 pc children living in single parent homes;
  • Ever increasing number of gay couples.

Western system has also been responsible for
  • Huge increase in business related to sex, alcohol, gambling and organised violence; with huge effects on health, family and society;
  • Maximum damage to environment, causing massive damage;
  • Maximum economic disparity within the countries and among the countries;
  • Monopolisation of world resources; and
  • Stockpiling of weapons of massive destruction.

If one single most factor can be found behind all these problems, it is the freedom of unlimited choices consequent upon the plan to market everything good or bad. Islam on the other hand provides freedom of only good choices and bans or restricts unhealthy and destructive choices. Muslims of the current world have adopted Islam partially. This partial application has deprived them of the peace in its entirety. Still they are in a much better state of peace than the people living in the so-called developed world are. This is evident from the fact that they have
  • One of the lowest rates of murders;
  • Almost negligible incidence of suicides;
  • Very low rates of rapes;
  • Negligible consumption of alcohol and alcohol-related deaths and other problems;
  • Very low rate of gambling related problems;
  • Extremely low level of family break-ups;
  • Extremely low number of prostitutes and pornographic actors among them;
  • Negligible level of sexual abuse of children;
  • Very low incidence of sex-related, alcohol related and gambling related diseases;
  • Relatively low incidence of drug addiction;
  • Relatively low incidence of psychiatric illnesses;
  • Relatively very low level of the consumption of sedatives and tranquillizers;
  • Very low incidence of single parents, negligible number of children born out of wedlock;
  • Relatively much lower level of promiscuity and other sexual perversions;
  • Very low level of abortions including teenage pregnancies, etc;
  • Relatively low incidence of several diseases including Cancers of Penis and Cervix (due to circumcision), sex transmitted diseases, Urinary Tract Infections, other cancers due to alcohol, etc;

The world must know that if the Islamic principle of giving only healthy choices is allowed to function properly, every year more than 80 million lives can be saved. These include
  • 2 million murders
  • 2.2 million suicides
  • 5 million deaths from AIDS
  • 5 million deaths from smoking
  • 3.3 million deaths associated with alcohol
  • 2 million deaths associated with smoking, gambling and drugs
  • 70 million cases of feticide
Even if feticide is excluded, more than 10 million people would have been saved every year from falling prey to the unwanted kinds of death had Islamic legal and socio-economic system been in force. These are no ordinary figures. These are staggering statistics from all accounts. And adding the figures of feticide, more than 80 million lives are lost just because the laws of God are not followed.
In the US alone,
  • More than 200,000 people are assaulted with murderous intents every year (more than 18,000 are killed);
  • More than 30, 000 die of AIDS;
  • More than 100, 000 die of alcohol, smoking and drugs;
  • Half a million of foetuses are aborted.
For a few thousands dead in terrorist attacks, the world is made hostage, billions of dollars are put to the fire, cities devastated and millions of innocents killed. For millions of deaths as the result of the pursuance of socio-economic policies dictated by the forces of globalisation, virtually nothing is done except a few cosmetic measures.

None -- individual, society, corporate sector or government, should be allowed to offer the choice of death to the people. Freedom of choice must be limited to the choices among the good. A choice between life and death cannot be given. A child cannot be left on a highway hoping that it will take all the necessary precautions to save it from being crushed by fast moving vehicles. People are like children who more often than not are guided by baser instincts, which suck them into all forms of life-threatening and peace-threatening habits. Addiction has hardly any regard or fondness for knowledge and sanity. Who knows better, about the effects of alcohol, smoking and sexual perversions, than the doctors? Still they often succumb to the temptations. A smoker, a drinker, a drug addict and a promiscuous person understand that they face huge risks on account of their habits; but such is the effect of these on the baser instincts that they find it hard to be governed by their knowledge.

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