A medical doctor, an educationist and a philanthropist, Dr. Ahmad Abdul Hai can be regarded as one of the most notable living Muslim personalities of the country. Still more remarkable is the fact that he has excelled with such successes in all his roles that it is difficult to call him a surgeon first, an educationist first or a philanthropist first. Chronologically, of course, he is surgeon first, and in that capacity he achieved what can be the biggest dream of anyone joining the medical profession. After completing his masters in Surgery and being awarded FRCS, he joined Patna Medical College as lecturer and went on to become professor and head of the department of surgery. Dr. Ahmad has been a teacher of surgery for over three decades and has guided more than 50 post-graduate students pursuing PH.D. The Association of Surgeons of India (ASI) appointed Dr. Ahmad as the chief editor of the “ASI Text Book of Surgery”, published by Tata McGraw Hill. He is currently Managing Director and Chief Consultant at Hai Medicare and Research Institute, a 450-bed super-specialty multi-disciplinary tertiary care hospital in the making. This is the first centre in Bihar to be recognised for DNB Training in Anaesthesiology and General Surgery in December 2005 by the National Board of Examination.

Above all, Dr. Hai has been a man committed to the empowerment of Muslims. Moved by the rampant illiteracy among the masses, he has taken up the challenge of achieving “100 per cent literacy for all” in Bihar under the aegis of Forum for Literacy Awareness and Muslim Education (FLAME) of which he is the founder chairman. . Presently, he is president of the Khadimul Islam School in Patna which was set up in the poorest area of old Patna 10 years ago. Today, over 1100 students are studying here.

Dr. Hai’s efforts have received acclaim from eminent personalities. Giving an interview to a magazine, Late Syed Hamid had described him as one of the few Muslim personalities who have been doing wonderful service to the community. Coming from the mouth of a man who has been perhaps the most respected Muslim figure in recent times, this is no ordinary achievement. This certainly speaks volumes of his dedication, devotion and sincerity in pursuit of his goals.

1. Early Life and Education

Ahmad Abdul Hai was born on 20th July, 1942 in Patna, India. Son of Padma Bhushan, Dr. M.A. Hai, Dr. Abdul Hai comes from a distinguished family of educationists. His father was a renowned physician (F.R.C.P., Edinburgh, T.D.D. Wales), Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Prince of Wales Medical College, Patna and Honorary. Physician to the President of India. His mother was Mrs. Alay Fatima Hai.

Ahmad completed his MBBS from Prince of Wales Medical College, Patna University in 1965. He was a brilliant student throughout receiving various medals and awards in wide range of subjects including Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Surgery and Preventive & Social Medicine. He did Masters (MS, General Surgery) from Patna University in 1969. And M.S Orthopaedics Surgery, Patna University in 1971.

2. Achievements as Surgeon

Dr. Ahmad was awarded FRCS (Edinburgh, U.K) in 1978., FICS, (U.S.A) in 198, F.I.A.M.S in 1988, F.A.I.S, 1994, F.I.M.S.A, 2005 He retired as Prof. & HOD Surgery PMCH after nearly 30 years as teacher of Surgery (1977–2000). He guided about 50 surgeons for their postgraduate (M.S/PhD) degree. His work on Cancer of the Gall Bladder and Liver Abscesses was recognized internationally and mentioned in some of the most reputable text books of Surgery including “Bailey & Love, Text Book of Surgery”, “Recent Advances in Surgery — Selwyn and Taylor” London.He has over 150 scientific publications and orations nationally and internationally.

He has delivered Guest Lectures & Orations at recognized Institutions all over the country and abroad. He has been a Member Government of India Committee on Curriculum for Organ Transplant. (2008–2009). He was Key note speaker at the International Conference on Revisiting Abul Qasim Al-Zahrawi, New Delhi December 2013. And gave B. N. Balakrishna Rao Oration ASICON 2013, Ahmedabad December 2013.

Describing his popularity in the community of Surgeons, a report says,

“The Association of Surgeons of India decided to bring out a Text Book of surgery. Being one of the most popular teachers with brilliant academic career, as a foregone conclusion, their natural choice fell on Dr. A. A. Hai as its Chief Editor. After nearly 10 years of extensive work & with 41 sectional editors & nearly 106 contributors who are the leaders in their respective fields in India, the internationally renowned Medical publishers, Tata McGraw Hill have published the book. The book

consists of over 1,500 pages. The book was released at Science City, Calcutta in December 2002. The book has been well received by the medical fraternity. Three thousand copies have already been sold out and reprint is being planned. “

He has been the inspector for the Medical Council of India and an External Examiner in Surgery at prestigious universities of India and abroad.

Dr. Hai has also been airing his views on medical issues. Times of India has quoted him speaking about the malpractices in medicine. The report says,

“Increase in the number of surgeries over the past few years raises the question whether all surgeries prescribed by doctors are required for the patients or not. Contrary to the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors, some of them see patients as money-minting machines and prescribe unnecessary operations for them. Noted surgeon Dr Ahmad Abdul Hai, said, “There are black sheep in every community. Some people, say about 2% of doctors, indulge in such practices. However, it gives a bad name to the whole community.” He added, “The issue is not whether someone can afford surgeries or not. If it is not required, it shouldn’t be done.” Source

3. Social Endeavours

Dr. Ahmad Abdul Hai is a doctor not just in the medical sense. He is also a doctor of the community who has his hand on the pulse of the society. His ability to diagnose the Social Malaise and find its treatment is also admirable. Paying rich tribute to his concern for the community, the Biharanuman website says:

“Chairman and Managing Director, Hai Medicare and Research Institute (HMRI), Patna and an important leader of the community, Dr Hai realised the plight of the Muslim community a long time back and started working to alleviate it.

“Like many of the intellectuals, he was convinced that one of the most potent measures for improving the standards of living would be to raise the level of quality education among the masses. Better educational standards would translate into higher earnings and thereby raise the socio economic status of the people. To translate his vision into reality, an organisation “Forum for Literacy Awareness and Muslim Education” was founded by him in the year 1996. This foundation was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Of India Sri HD Devegowda at Patna. This organisation has over the years done a wonderful job at helping the poor meritorious students in acquiring quality education.

“Naturally Dr Abdul Hai’s love for academics and passion for social service has got him deeply involved in the spread of quality education among the Muslim community

“One of the dreams of Dr Abdul Hai has been to establish a medical university consisting of medical college, dental college, college of nursing and college for para medics for the Muslim community. In this he is joined by his brothers Dr. Hamid Hai a renowned cardiologist whose work on ‘Cardiac Arrythmia’ has been internationally acclaimed and Dr. Mahmood Hai a renowned urologist who has done a pioneering work in ‘Laser Prostectomy”. Both are settled in United States. Other prominent members of the community who have given their blessings for this endeavour are His Eminence Shahzada Shabbir Bhai Noorudin, His Excellency Dr A R Kidwai, Governor of Haryana & former Governor of Bihar and Bengal, Justice N P Singh, retired Judge of Supreme Court of India, renowned educationist Mr Saiyid Hamid, former Vice Chancellor Aligarh Muslim University and Mr Justice S Sarwar Ali, former Chief Justice of Patna High Court.

“In order to give concrete shape to his dream, Dr Abdul Hai has started a hospital on a plot of land measuring 2.92 acres. which is presently having 120 beds but will ultimately become 500 bed super specialty, multi disciplinary tertiary care hospital. The hospital is generating profit and paying taxes. This hospital is likely to get into collaboration with Harvard Medical International to set in place internationally accepted protocols.

“ He takes keen interest in scientific organizational work and is a Member of at least 20 scientific organizations. He has been the Vice-President of the International College 
 of Surgeons and member of the Governing Council of the Association of Surgeons of India, and is presently the Vice President of the Indian Chapter of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Pleased by his sterling organizational work and his established status as a teacher of repute, the Association of Surgeons of India made him the chief Editor of the “ASI Text Book of Surgery”, which has been published by Tata McGraw Hill. The book has contributions by more than 130 renowned surgeons who are an authority in their own fields. The second edition is expected to reach the market in 2007.

“The social & philanthropic activities of Dr. Hai are equally well known and his interest in the upliftment of those who are under privileged made him the president of the orphanage, Khadimullslam at Patna City. The rampant illiteracy amongst our masses equally worries him and moved by this, his organization has taken up the challenge of achieving “100% literacy for all” under the aegis of FLAME (Forum for Literacy Awareness & Muslim Education) of which he is the Founder Chairman.

“He is in the Member Managing Council, Nadvatul Ulema, Lucknow and a Member of the Court of Aligarh Muslim University. Other 30 organizations are benefited by this philanthropy, his favourite being the Indian Red Cross Society, Bihar State Branch, of which he was the Vice-President. He is presently the Chairman of Red Cross Relief Committee and member of the Central Red Cross Managing Committee and Finance Committee.

“Dr. Hai took over as Vice President of the Indian Red Cross Society, Bihar state Branch 3 years ago. Under his dynamic leadership Bihar state branch, which was a dwindling branch at that time is today one of the most energetic and vibrant branch in the country. It has:

  1. The highest number of patron members of lndian Red Cross Society in India.
  2. In 2003, it has held 3 special camps in conjunction with the Ex-Service Men Association and the Bihar Regimental Centre, Danapur to honour war widows at Ara, Muzaffarpur & Patna.
  3. Done extensive flood relief work and with the help of the national Head Quarters and International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies. The Branch has supplied family packs consisting of tarpaulin, Mosquito nets, blankets, sari, dhoti, plastic bucket, rice and other essential items costing over Rs. 2 Crores to the poorest families in the years as detailed below:

(i) In the year 2000 — to 10,000 families (Approx.) costing Rs. 2 Crores. 
(ii) In the year 2001 — to 13,000 families (Approx.) costing Rs. 2.5 Crores 
(iii) In the year 2002 — to 40,000 families (Approx.) costing Rs. 5 Crores 
(iv) In the year 2003- to 4,000families(Approx.) costing Rs. 3 Crore

4. Aid to Physically Disabled 
The branch had organized to supply aids to physically handicapped as under:

2000 -2001: Tricycles — 159, Wheel Chairs.: 30 
2001–2002: Tricycles- 477, Wheel Chairs — 16, Crutches — 239 pairs 
 Cane for blind — 89 
2003: Tricycles — 50, Wheel Chairs — 20, Crutches — 60 pairs

In recognition of the yeomen work done by this branch, the Ministry of Social Justice has identified the Indian Red Cross Society, Patna as the resource center for Bihar. “

The website of Bihar njuman also gives details of his works as educationist. These include:

Khadimul Islam School, Patna City

This school was established in the poorest area of old Patna about 10 years ago. Dr. Hai took over as its President. It had about 250 students and100 years old dilapidated 4-room building. Today, nearly 1,100 students are studying here and a modern building at the cost of over 42 lakhs has been constructed with the help of generous grant from Maulana Azad foundation, New Delhi.

Ayub Girls School

The leading girls school for Muslim girls in Bihar. Total No. of students presently enrolled are 1,233.The different sections of the school runs the following courses with present number of students as under:

(a) KG to X — 1125

(b) I.Sc/IA — 108

Patna Muslim School & Inter College: Total No. of students (in 2002)

(a) High School CBSE Section: 410

(b) High School +2 (CBSE): 271

© MLT (Pathology Section): 48

(d) X-ray Technician: 13

(e) Computer Section: 166

MSM Hospital, Phulwari Sharif: DMLT Course- intake 30 students per year.

The summary of his activities as a social activist and philanthropist is as under:

4. Social & Philanthropic Activities

  • President of the Orphanage, Khadimul Islam, Patna City — runs a school with 1200 poorest children of Patna.
  • Founder Chairman of FLAME (Forum for Literacy Awareness & Muslim Education) inaugurated by Prime minister of India Shri H. D. Devgoda.
  • Member of the Managing Council, Nadvatul Ulema, Lucknow
  • Member of the Court of Aligarh Muslim University- Re-elected in 2007.
  • Member Board of Governor’s-2008 Indira Gandhi Institute Of Medical Sciences

Sheikhpura, Patna — 800014.

  • Vice-President Indian Red Cross Society, Bihar State Branch.
  • Chairman of Red Cross Relief Committee.
  • Ex-member of the Central Red Cross Managing Committee and Finance Committee.
  • Founder Chairman of MSM Hospital, a charity institution run by the Imarat-e-

Shariah at Phulwarisharif, Patna.

  • President of the Patna Muslim School with over 2000 students in its role
  • President of the Patna Muslim Inter Science College, with over 2000 students in its role.
  • Treasurer and founder member Maulana Azad College of Engineering, Patna.
  • Treasurer of Millat Educational Society.
  • National Vice President of Cancer Awareness Society
  • Founder Member Muslim Educational Society
  • Chairman Academic Council of Imarat-e-Shariah, Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa.
  • Member Advisory Board CSR — Advantage Media.
  • Founder member — Association of Trauma Care of India, HQ Mumbai.
  • Trustee Member — Mandar Vidyapath Educational Foundation Trust, Banka, Bihar.
  • Former President Govt. Urdu Library, Patna
  • Member of Governing Council Ayub Urdu Girls High School, Patna.

Also holds several appointments in other Philanthropic, Social and Educational Organizations.

  • Chairman, Advantage Media CSR.
  • Member Board of Director — Khuda Buksh Oriental Public Library
  • Convener East Zone Islamic Development Bank (Jeddah) Board for India.
  • Ibn-e-Sina Oration 2011 at Aligarh.
  • Member GVZR (Green Village Zero Rubbish) Bihar Project, Sponsored by Dr. David Robert Priest, University of S. California (USA) 2013.
  • Member from Bihar of Consultative committee for evaluation of schachar committee report on upliftment of minorities sponsored by Mr. Abu Saleh Sharif 2013.

5. Awards

  1. Awarded T.C. Guha Gold Medal for having stood first in Pharmacology in 1963.
  2. Awarded Sifton Gold Medal for having stood first in Medicine in 1965.
  3. Awarded Stephenson Gold Medal for having stood first in surgery in 1965.
  4. Awarded Hasnain Gold Medal for having stood first in Ophthalmology.
  5. Awarded Wheeler Gold Medal for having secured Highest Aggregate in the final M.B.B.S. Examination.
  6. Awarded P.G. Talents prize for having secured the highest marks at the second and Final M.B.B.S. Examination.
  7. V. N. Singh Award for best research paper Bihar Chapter of ASI in 1985.
  8. Best paper Award at 22nd Annual Conference of International college of Surgeons (India Section), Jimpur in 1987.
  9. A. K. Sharma Gold Medal by Surgical Society of Nepal in 1990.
  10. Life Time Achievement Award, Indian Medical Association.
  11. Betadine Life Time Achievement Award Association of Surgeons of India — 2008.
  12. Veer Kunwar Singh Award 2012 — by Bihar Foundation, chapter Doha Qatar on the occasion of Bihar Divas celebration in Qatar.
  13. President Dr.Rajendra Prasad Samman 2011 for social and medical work.
  14. WHO Regional Directors appreciation award World No Tobacco Day 2012.
  15. Life time achievement award for contribution to education given by MESCO Hyderabad 30th December 2012.
  16. Founder President Voice of Tobacco Victims (VoTV) Bihar Chapter.

6. Address

Abdul Hai Commercial Complex, Exhibition Road, Patna -800001 India.

Phones: +91–612–2322554 (R) , Mob: 9431024416

Hai Medicare & Research Institute, Raja Bazar, Bailey Road, Patna — 800 014.

Phones: 2295981, 2295075

Email: hmrindi1@yahoo.co.in , draahai@gmail.com