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The Killer Sex

The Killer Sex

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The Killer Sex


Dr. Javed Jamil &

Adrienne Hughes

Publishers: Mission Publications

Pages: 326

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It is a common knowledge that sex sells. There is hardly any reason to wonder then that sex trade has become one of the top ten trades of the world. Sex is the subject that interests everybody, as it is related to what can arguably be regarded as the biggest human passion. When it is enjoyed in a proper way, it is the source of life. When one fails to exercise restraint, it signals trouble. And when sexual liberties percolate society in a way that all laws and regulations are bulldozed, they lead to widespread chaos, diseases and destruction. “The Killer Sex” by Dr. Javed Jamil of India and Adrienne Hughes of US is a bold attempt to investigate the development of modern sex and sexuality, especially its use by the forces of globalisation, and their devastating effects on individuals, family and society. Dr. Jamil, in his Authorspeak, says:

“Sex and life were created to be and are inseparable. However, this most outstanding, beautiful and wonderful relationship would sustain its sublimity only if sex followed the limitations set by God, not out of His wish to regulate actions, but necessitated by the probable adverse effects. As soon as man started bulldozing these boundaries, sex and life began to fall out.  The more the boundaries got demolished the more the distance between them grew. The greater they distanced from one another the closer the death came. Alas! Sex has now become as much a friend of death as it has been of life. Thanks to the global merchants of sex—better call them the global merchants of death and destruction—sex has become the drug more than the food. It can now be regarded as arguably the biggest tormentor of humanity. It kills individuals, devastates family peace and desecrates social order. The Killer Sex unveils the designs of the forces of economic fundamentalism and their insatiable hunger for the moolah, which has transformed sex from an agent of life to an instrument of business.”

Though Dr. Jamil seems to be the prime architect of the framework of the whole conceptual plan, the support by Ms. Hughes is important. She has taken immense pains in collecting the relevant data and has also contributed a chapter in the form of excerpts “From the Diary of a twig”.


The book deserves attention for its investigation of the issues involved in totality, and for trying to find out the real culprit, the corporate world. He has traced the developments regarding Sexual Revolution and has presented the interesting theory that “the so-called Sexual Revolution has been a well planned, artificially monitored and promoted, dextrously and meticulously executed and aggressively pushed transformation by the forces of merchandise who had only their vested interests in mind.” He goes on to say that “People are not changing themselves; they are being made to change. It is not the nectar of their strengths but the hillock of their weaknesses and their tendencies to succumb that is being used as the catalyst for this change. They are being driven to a weird world of phantasm that has nothing to do with reality. It is not the sciences or medical sciences that are instrumental in bringing about these pernicious transformations on the basis of their good impact on society; but it is the corporate interests that are creating new values and burying the old ones. The tree of Sexual Revolution is not being watered for the production and distribution of sweet grapes of love among the people but for the ultimate aim of the fermentation of grapes to manufacture the muscatel of “sex” that brings more money.” And then he does not fail to condemn the corporate world in the strongest possible words, “And yet, instead of claiming responsibility itself, the corporate world tends to blame the people and their weaknesses for the growth of the evils as businesses. They ignore the fact that people are largely naive and unsuspecting. They read only what they are made to read; they read the lines, not between the lines. First their weaknesses are purposely exploited and then they are held responsible for succumbing to their weaknesses. People will have to see the net that is laid to entrap them. They have to learn not to be governed and goaded by the merchants. Otherwise they and their posterity will continue to suffer.”


There is hardly any doubt that the big business has been playing an important role in the developments, but it is equally true that people are themselves also responsible for the rot. It is human weaknesses that the corporates exploit; had they no weaknesses how could they have been exploited. The solutions the author gives may be ideal, but it is almost unimaginable that they can be put into practice in the current world. The wheel has taken too many turns to be rolled back now. While he may be right in labelling the blame on Sexual Revolution for all the problems like AIDS, single parenthood, child abuse, prostitution etc; the solution needs a more pragmatic approach towards sex. A balance has to be found out somewhere in between the two extremes—one adopted by the protagonists of absolute freedom that has led to the worst forms of prostitution and pornography and has almost annihilated family system in West, and the other adopted by some radical thinkers and religionists who want to unduly curb personal freedom.


The book deserves accolades, however, for discussing the subject in a highly creative manner. Dr. Jamil has used threadbare analysis, literary flourish as well as scientific data to prove his theory. He has also added a chapter contributed by his co-author that describes real life events in the form of diary-entries. Her ordeal first as a daughter and then as a mother have been effectively portrayed. She is also credited with the collection of the majority of data, which has given a visible comprehensiveness to the treatment. And mere addition of her name as co-author lends an enhanced credibility to the work, as Ms Hughes being a product of Western culture herself can testify to the prevalent culture and its devastating effects in a better way. The language used in the book is full of metaphors, which have been effectively blended, and is effective in creating a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of readers.

The book is in a flowing prose, which at many places becomes poetic.


The book certainly deserves attention and its contents must be debated at length.









1.   The Devil emerges                                         


2.   The premises changed                                 


3.   The land levelled                                         


4.   The environment vitiated               


5.   Fragrance marketed                         


6.   Orchards decimated                        


7.   Flowers defoliated                         


8.   Buds nipped                                          


  1. Garden Devastated                          


  1. Challenges challenged                 


  1. From the diary of a twig                


  1. Let’s revive the Garden!                 


13. At last, let’s make the beginning!