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The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism

The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism

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The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism

Author: Dr Javed Jamil

ISBN 81-8826812-7

First print: 1999

Pages: 240

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To begin with

Turning State into Estate

Good Bye Religion!


Imagination Imprisoned

Society given New Attire

Sex Industrialised

Education Relocated on the Wall Street

Sciences Turned into Mistresses


Civilization Dehumanised

Challenges Challenged

The Globe Colonized





Thus, the rise and growth of economic fundamentalism has been, from historical standards, rather rapid taking hardly a few centuries. The think-tank of the world of economic fundamentalism has taken innumerable steps to strengthen their hold; they have paralysed the law, manoeuvred politics and administration, mar­ginalised religion, captured the   media, remodelled social values, commercialised sex, hijacked educational set-up, restructured the foundations of economics, misappropriated science and technology, masterminded popular movements, dehumanised the civilisation and colonised the globe. In the coming pages, each of these steps will be briefly ana­lysed.