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Rediscovering the Universe: The Beginning of the Final Revolution

Rediscovering the Universe: The Beginning of the Final Revolution

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Rediscovering the Universe: The Beginning of the Final Revolution

Author                                Dr. Javed Jamil

Edition                                First


Year of Publication  2004

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The Universal Theory of Relativity will signal a massive storm not only in the world of Physics but also in the other fields of knowledge.


The universe viewed in the light of General Theory of Relativity and Big Bang Cosmology is a passive, clumsily stark looking collection of individual groups of matter. Quantum Mechanics makes it even more shambolic by shrouding it in the dark clouds of uncertainties……. The sphere of the universe itself continues to expand without anything adding to it except an increasing emptiness in space. It is becoming more and more hollow with the ticking of the clock; its hollowness is making the components of the world strangers to one another with every passing moment of time, because the galaxies are falling apart from one another. … The UTR resuscitates it, as an entity in its own; it is excitingly lively and systematic. Its components are neither selfish individuals who do not want to connect with others, nor ignorant creatures that have no means of knowing about one another. ……. They are the part and parcel of a fraternity that knows its aims and objectives. The Uniglobe provides them the raison d’être …,

…….. The Universal Theory of Relativity will surely become the gateway for the ultimate unification of the theory of Physics. .......





This is sheer coincidence, pleasant though, that “Rediscovering the Universe: The Beginning of the Final Revolution” is being published in the hundredth year after the presentation by Einstein of his Special theory of Relativity. It would be in the fitness of things that, in the centenary year, Einstein’s theories and subsequent developments in the fields of physics and cosmology are scrutinised without being unduly overawed by the giant stature of arguably the greatest genius of the twentieth century.


The Universal Theory of Relativity presented in this book will be a reminder to the world that there is still a vast scope for novel philosophical ideas in the field of the knowledge of the Universe: Ideas that can remarkably transform our view of the Universe. I do not claim the theory itself is the Final Revolution, but I am supremely confident this will herald what, I hope, will be the final phase of the understanding of the universe. This will ultimately lead to a genuinely decent understanding of the universe--the way it came into existence; the way it functions; and the way it would continue its future journey to its ultimate destination. I do hope the book proves not to be a shot in the dark but a shot in the arm for the development of our knowledge of the world we live in.


Though the book critically analyses Einstein’s philosophical ideas in the development of the modern theory of Physics, this has not stopped me from dedicating the book to the great genius. This is my tribute to his immense contribution to knowledge. Theories come and go but the work of those who labour, day and night, to bring forward these theories in their quest for knowledge must always be admired.  Einstein was instrumental in giving a philosophical twist to an otherwise dry subject like Physics. The need of the time is to keep thinking, presenting new ideas and trying to come to the best possible conclusions. I am also dedicating the book to another great name in the modern Physics, David Bohm, for whom I have developed a very special respect for reasons that will be obvious to readers only when they have finished this book. The readers must not however presume that the book supports the idea of the phantasmic world, mooted by Bohm.


Readers may notice some reluctance in the initial part of the development of the new theory, named as Universal Theory of Relativity and a steadily growing confidence in the treatment, as the book progresses. This reflects the reluctance I had when I began to formulate my ideas in the form of a theory and subsequent elevation of the level of my confidence, which reached sky high by the time the work finished. One thing is sure though. The universe the way the readers view it before they start reading the book will appear to have undergone a massive transformation by the time they reach its concluding part. From a universe that looks at best a functionless receptacle of numerous functioning constituents, which have hardly any means of fast enough communication between them, it will have become a much more organised, well-connected, state-like system. The universe, as a result, will certainly emerge as much lovelier and livelier than what the modern physicists have shown us so far.


I had published the preliminary ideas of the Universal Theory of Relativity about six years ago in a booklet, entitled, “Beyond Einsteinian Limits”. But that was only an initial attempt to put some ideas on record. These ideas had not been corroborated in the way they deserved. The present work will surely go a long way in that direction.





The man behind the book

1. What has been “discovered” so far?

2. Rediscovering the Universe:


Fundamental Principles

  1. Functional Implications of the UTR:
Structure of the Universe

Origin of the Universe

Fate of the Universe

  1. Philosophical Implications of the UTR:

Role of God

Quantum mechanics

Determinism and causality

  1. The Ultimate Picture

Papers and Books consulted