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Muslims Most Civilised, not yet Enough

Muslims Most Civilised, not yet Enough

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Muslims Most Civilised, not yet Enough


Author: Dr. Javed Jamil

Published: 2013

Pages               364

ISBN 81-88268-09-7

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Media Reviews



Excerpts from Media reviews:


America’s Kevin Barret, widely known for his work on 9/11 conspiracy


“Dr. Jamil's work has the extraordinary merit of cutting through the Islamophobic hate speech of the Zionist media and putting matters in accurate perspective based on statistical realities rather than the impressionistic propaganda endlessly vomited out by Zionist media, Islamophobic "Christian" missionaries, etc” Criticising some Muslims who are blindly toeing the Western thinking, he added, “Muslims who come to the West and think it is so wonderful are living in a fool's paradise. The corruption at the very highest level of power in the West is almost unimaginable; the people who rule the West make Arab dictators look like Mother Theresa by comparison. Google "Franklin Scandal" and "the Finders" and "Operation Artichoke" to get an inkling of what I'm talking about. “


Maurice Salaakhan, Human Rights Activist, USA


Immensely enjoyable and confidence-building work for Muslims


David Robinson, a professor of social studies


 “Dr. Javed Jamil’s book should leave no doubt that we live in a very imperfect world.  The statistics he has listed do paint a very bleak picture of man’s inhumanity to man and they should not be ignored.”


Abdul Hameed M H, Finance Director ARMS group of Companies, Saudi Arab


“This work by Dr Jamil is historical, “The myth that west is Superior in every way is shattered by the the great piece of work by Dr Javed Jamil,” he said, “For me it is like the challenge once posed by late Sheikh Ahmed Deedat to Christians and others about their beliefs and practices comparing to Islam and Muslims.”


Ozma Siddiqui of King Abdul Azeez University


“Re-defining of life expectancy from conception instead of birth appears to be a more apt definition considering that so many foetuses never really live to see the light of day, but are sadly doomed to be wasted before they are born, and since this is either a physiological mishap or by intention, it is correct to use the point of conception as a starting point.”


Mahboob A. Khawaja, the author of several publications including: "Muslims and the West: Quest for Change and Conflict Resolution",


“Dr Jamil’s work is a wonderful study that will puncture the Western claims of civilization”.


Nasir Jawed, Editor, Journal of Rabita-e Alam-e Islami,


“It is path-breaking that will counter the propaganda unleashed against Islam and Muslims and will bring out Muslims from Inferiority Complex”. 


Prof.(Dr.)Syed Shahid Akhtar Jafri of Giri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow


“Such messages could have been efficiently delivered to Islamic world/momineen if our clergy was enlightened beyond the theological knowledge. Tthis message should be translated in all the possible languages and it should be sent to each mosque and madrasa of the world for explaining it among the masses as it is an urgent need to save our community from blindly following the western evil practices. “


Khalid Faridi, Kuwait


“One has to appeal to the goodness inherent in a human being and Dr. Javed does exactly that.” Dr Jamil tells Muslims not be bogged down by the propaganda that 'Muslims are the worst caste' and, instead, reminds them that there is lot of good in them even in current scenario, and that they have to improve further..”


Qamar Hasan, the renowned Dubai based journalist,


It is the research as of huge importance. We need such research and statistics; this will come handy to our future generations as reliable reference work.”


Mamoon Al-Azami, of Department of Communities in Non-Member Countries, Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah


This work is “colossal“which must be read with deep appreciation. 


Shahnawaz Mohammed of Toronto- Canada


Dr Javed Jamil must be felicitated for showing the real face of east and west. When Arrogance, superpower thinking, policing, naked liberty of society values,  misusing all natural resources, keeping poor and rich gap widen, all these on the name of democracy, it becomes  dangerous


M H Zulqarnain, Saudi Arab


 “But the gentleman (and the rest of his kind) regard all those black holes of the west just as 'aberrations', while the evils among Muslims are in-built and enshrined in our faith . They are so determined to take us all (for a ride) to the western 'heaven' to enjoy the bounties of its civilisation -  full of freedom, justice, affluence, democracy, rule of law, freedom of expression, moderation, civil rights and amenities, and so on. The problem is that the world now is informed enough to know the truth - as Dr Javed Jamil has been documenting for some time, and judge. Self flogging may be good up to a limit but not to the extent that it kills you.




“Subh-e Tahzeeb Rawaayaat ke saath aati hai

(Civilisation dawns with traditions)

Shaam-e tahzeeb KHurafaat ke saath aati hai

(Civilisation sets when mischiefs accompany it.)


       Civilisation has different meanings for different people, ideologies and forces. But the definition that is dear to the forces that rule at a particular time gets the popular acceptance. If the forces are selfless, the civilisation assumes meanings that favour the mankind as a whole; of the forces are self seekers, civilisation assumes meaning that favour a minority of the mighty. Unfortunately, we are living in a world where the forces that dominate the world are not merely selfish but are mighty and ruthless. To them, civilisation means nothing more than a state of affairs that helps them sustain and expand their hegemony. Their hegemony has continued unabated because they have not been adequately challenged. The glamour of their “civilisation” has been too overpowering to allow the hidden ugliness to show itself. Consequent on this, mankind continues to suffer. The time has now come when the true face of these “champions of civilisation” should be shown to the mankind.

       Aware of the potential of Islam and Muslims to challenge their might, the champions have been propagating what can be described as nothing more than an unsubstantiated myth: that Muslims are uncivilised and backward. Speaking in absolute terms, there may be some truth in it. Muslims are in no position to claim that they are what they should be. They have plenty of shortcomings. But despite those, relatively speaking, the true face of the current civilisation is so utterly ugly that the Muslim World can still rightfully claim to be more civilised than the rest. This is particularly true of the champions of Westernism that have been using money, mind and muscle to achieve their nefarious goals. This work is an attempt to show to the world the reality that is being purposely kept hidden from the public view. This is necessary because hopes of any appreciable change cannot be realised unless the masses recognise the reality.

            The work initially appeared on several internet forums where chapters were posted on a weekly basis. It attracted huge, often acrimonious debate with the protagonists and antagonists of Westernism and Islam debating the issues involved from different perspectives.  The work is now being presented in the book format with substantial changes and additions. 

            However, at the very outset, I want to make it categorically clear that the work is not directed against any people, any region or any nation. It may appear to be a statement against West, but it is not against Western people or Western nations; it is at the most a commentary on the system that prevails in West and has become rapidly globalised. I firmly believe that all the people living anywhere in the world have almost if not exactly similar strengths and weaknesses. Their behaviour however is more often than not governed less by their own tendencies and more by the system they live in and the ideologies and forces that sustain it. The system inculcates and promotes or discourages their specific tendencies.  The behaviour of society as a whole is in general a reflection of the success or failure of the system that regulates them.

            It is by the Grace of God that I have been able to complete this work in a short span of time. I owe my gratitude to my parents, my parents-in-law, wife, children, relatives and friends without whose moral support and best wishes this work could not have been possible.

            I hope the world will receive this work with the attention it deserves. The forces that have been exposed in the work will surely try their best to dismiss this effort. I can only request the right thinking people of all religions and nations to study the work with the care it demands, realise the dangers ahead and come up with an adequate response so that the whole mankind bathes in peace.

            Let the civilisation be freed of the mischief that is rapidly devouring it! Let the pigeon fly without fear of being shot or captured!







Part 1

Violence: Forms and Extent



Wars and civil wars

America’s Terror versus Muslim Terror:

1 million versus 4000

Crimes against women


Part 2

Civilised versus Uncivilised Sexual Behaviour


Sexual Revolution

Women “liberated” to be abused?: Prostitution and Pornography


Sexual Perversions

Family Disintegrated


Children with Single Parents

Child Abuse


Part 3

Civilised versus Uncivilised Social Behaviour


Alcohol Mania

Gambling: the Destroyer

Personal Satisfaction


Part 4

“Human Development”


Life Expectancy


Economic Scenario


Part 5

The Verdict

Grand Table of Civilisation

Is Christian Community more civilised than Muslim?

Is Hindu Community more civilised than Muslim?

Where is Civilisation?

Part 6

Shortcomings of Muslims and Solutions

Shortcomings at the Ideological level

Not looking for a larger cause

Socioeconomic Agenda Ignored

Need of Cohesive Foreign Policy

Sunni Shia Divide: Larger Aim is the Biggest Solution


Part 7

Islam the Best Basis of Civilisation


Defining Peace:

Modern versus Islamic Definition of Peace

Three-Dimensional System versus Two-Dimensional

Life Expectancy, Islam and Muslims

Islamic Theory of Health

Islamic Theory of Economics


 Huntington is right but…..


Last Word: Let’s March Towards Peace!



Report of the release of “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet not Enough”

By Dr Hafeezur Rahman


“Muslims Most Civilised, Yet not Enough”, authored by eminent thinker and writer, Dr Javed Jamil was released in a grand function on 4th March at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi. The book was released by Mr K Rahman Khan, Union Minister of Minority Affairs. Mr. Diggvijay Singh, Former Governor of Madhya Pradesh, whose wife expired a few days back, sent a written speech.

Mr Digvijay Singh said that Dr Javed Jamil’s book “based on facts and figures from across the world would be a fitting answer to those who try to paint Muslims as uncivilized and lovers of violence.” He said that certain forces in India “are again trying to destabilize the peace of the country”. He appealed to Muslims to remain alert of these forces and said that “they and other deprived sections of society would always find him standing with them”. He said that “Muslims need not fear anybody and must concentrate on their educational and developmental pursuits”.  He also praised the endeavour of Dr Jamil in preparing the Muslim Vision Document for Indian Muslims and hoped that “with the support of people like Mr K Rahaman Khan and Mr Sirajuddin Qureshi”, this vision will soon become a reality.


Mr Mani Shankar Aita, Congress MP said that “though Secularism in general is well and safe in India, certain forces are bent to destroy the secular fabric by inciting hatred against Muslims”.  He said that “though Dr Javed Jamil has done a remarkable work by producing massive statistics to prove the case, the truth is that we Indians are aware for centuries that Islam stands for the true civilization, and Muslims are indeed truly civilized.” He said that “No leader, no thinker, no writer or any other expert can deny the influence of Islam and Muslims on the World, particularly Indian Subcontinent.” He said that India is a secular country and Secularism is the cement that binds India into one nation. “If there is no secularism, India will break”, he said. Mr Aiyar lambasted the forces of Hindutva “that want to destroy the social fabric of the country”. In the midst of repeated cheers from a very large audience, he said that “in the name of Development, Communalism is being brought to the country”. Referring to the BJP’s projection of Narendra Modi as the leader of BJP in coming elections, he said that “these forces are the scorpions and snakes that are readying to bite the nation”. Mr Aiyar spoke at length about the historical successes of Muslims in India and said that “the stamp of Muslims can be seen in every corner of Indian civilization.”


Minister of Minority Affairs, Mr K Rahman Khan admired the “unapologetic, comprehensive, dynamic and visionary” approach of Dr Javed Jamil and said that “he is his fan”. He said that “he and Dr Jamil are working closely for about 4 years and we have a common way of thinking towards the national and community issues in the country.” He said that through Internet Dr Javed Jamil has influenced the thinking of many people across the world. Mr. Khan said that there cannot be any other option for Muslims except being the most civilized “because they are the followers of Qur’an, which provides the best foundation for civilization”. “If Muslims have shortcomings, it is only on account of their own callousness and disobedience of Qur’an and Sunnah”, he said.  He said that “Not Yet Enough” part of his book needs special attention and he would like it to be the subject of his next work. “Muslims must not simply be satisfied with what they have achieved but must concentrate on what they have to achieve,” he said. Mr. Khan called upon Muslims to work on war-footing to empower themselves in every possible way. He admired the efforts of Dr Javed Jamil in giving a vision to India’s Muslims. He said that “when we plan, we need a vision, then we have to define our objectives and prepare a roadmap.” He admired the efforts of Mr Sirajuddin Qureshi in trying to turn this roadmap into action and promised that he would be doing whatever he can.


Mr Sirajuddin Qureshi, President, India Islamic Cultural Centre, said that “Dr Javed Jamil has already earned reputation of a visionary and thinker who has a holistic and unapologetic approach towards the world issues.” He reminded the people about “Muslim Vision” and said that “While we are still contemplating on how to convert that roadmap into action, he has come up with another remarkable and unparalleled piece of research work, “Muslims Most Civilised, yet not Enough”. He said that we are living in the world of propaganda and in last few decades the propaganda machinery has focused all its attention on Muslims and has left no stone unturned in spreading the myth that Muslims are uncivilized, violent and backward. “Dr Jamil has successfully encountered this mischievous propaganda and has accumulated huge international statistics to prove that Muslim World is much more civilized than the so-called champions of civilization.”

He said that “We in India are also facing the propaganda by certain quarters to paint Muslims in the negative and time has now come when all communities, particularly Hindus and Muslims, which are the two biggest majorities in the country, must unite to fight against the dangers to the country and Indian society.” Mr Qureshi said that he is seriously contemplating how Dr Jamil’s Roadmap for Indian Muslims can be converted into action on the ground and hoped that Mr Rahman Khan would help and guide in this matter. 


Dr Aijaz Aslam, Chief Editor “Radiance” called upon Muslims to come out of their somnolence. He said that as Dr Jamil has highlighted, “Muslims must shun Inferiority Complex, but musk also have introspection”. “Introspection is the key to future development and progress”, he remarked. He expressed dissatisfaction about the disunity in the Ummah and hoped that “Muslim  Ummah will soon learn its goal of bringing peace to the whole mankind.” He asked Muslims not to be perturbed and “they must hold the Rope of Allah to attain excellence.”


Padamshri Prof. Akhtarul Wassey described Dr Javed Jamil a person of extraordinary caliber who has done “remarkable work in many fields, including Medicine, Economics, Social affairs and International issues.” He said that “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” is a kind of work that every person must read. He suggested that the book must be included in the course of all Madrasas and Islamic institutions so that “Ulama and other Islamic scholars can become well-equipped to spread the teachings of Islam to the world. “ He said that “books bring revolution, and this book has the potential of bringing another ideological revolution” He proposed that the book must be translated in other languages, particularly Hindi and Urdu.


Dr Javed Jamil, the author of this book, spoke at length about the contents of the book. He said that he felt the need of writing thee book when he saw that certain forces in the world are not merely interested in destroying Muslim world but they also want to pain Muslims in ugliest possible colours. He said that “Within about 200 years, the “stars” of the horizon of Westernism have all degenerated into black holes – Democracy into Corporatocracy, Secularism into negation of religious conscience and morality, “freedom” into license to commit evils and “human rights” into defence of criminals and perverts. ” He said that he collected data related to violence of all types and most of the Western countries were in the top 15 in terms of almost all forms of violence. He said that he counted every single death that has been allegedly cased by al-Qaeda and the numbers of these deaths is hardly 5500. In contrast, America and its allies have killed more than 2 million innocent Muslims. He said that “Western countries have highest murder rates, highest rape rates, highest incarceration rates, highest abortions, highest percentage of teenage pregnancies, children living in single parent families, divorce rates and children born out of wedlock.” He added that apart from the total disintegration of family system, they also have the maximum suicide rates. He produced statistics to show that Muslims can claim to be more civilised than most countries because “in most Muslim countries, the crime rates are very low, family system is intact and the problems related to social vices are minimal. He said that the so-called champions of civilisation have promoted prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and have made women the killers of their own children. He argued that “life expectancy should be determined not from birth but from conception because the antenatal life is biologically and medically an essential part of human life.” When counted from conception, the life expectancy of most Western countries dropped to very low. He said that except few Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Somalia, most Muslim countries have very high life expectancy, both after conception and after birth, have high per capita income with relatively less economic disparity and they are now making substantial progress in educational fields. Dr Jamil said that he has not only concentrated on positives nut has also discussed in detail about the shortcomings and their solutions. He argued that there is a strong need of “strategic relationship between India and Muslim countries”, which will help both in getting rid of dependence on West.  He also gave details about the violence in India and showed that Muslims were not the culprits but the victims.


Maulana Mahmood Madani and Mr Rasheed Masood, MP and Mr Saeed Naqvi were also present on the occasion.  The function was attended by an exceptionally large audience.


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